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Peer Group shifted gears from work to play and hit the virtual track at the F1 Arcade in St. Paul’s. It was a jam-packed night filled with competition, camaraderie, and some very bad driving, but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun.

Peer Group has always had a racing streak running through its veins, and with a few drivers among us, there was no better opportunity for colleagues to battle it out for the number one spot. Teams were divided into groups of 3-4, allowing for tense wheel-to-wheel racing. High speeds were reached, overtakes completed, and the occasional bumps received.


Teams competed on a points basis, earning points for factors such as overtakes, clean racing, final position, and a good start. Points were tallied over the course of 15 races to determine our winners: Howard, Richard, Eva, and Tas. Peer Group values this healthy competition and looks forward to future events where skills can be showcased.


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