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On the 14th December 2018  everyone in the office at Peer Group teamed up to wear our most embarrassing Christmassy jumpers, joining everyone nationwide in the Save the Children National Christmas Jumper day.

 This day helps to discover who’s the most competitive in the office, to win best Christmas jumper of the day and have a good laugh with your co-workers, celebrating the build-up to Christmas with people you see everyday before returning home to our families for Christmas.

 The most important reason for this national day however, is to raise as much money as possible for the very well-known charity, Save the Children. A simple small donation can change the world of so many young children, by helping this charity provide them with all necessities that they are not able to afford and being able to access medicines to help battle infections and health issues they develop due to the environment in which they live.

 Please enjoy pictures of our most jazzy Christmas jumpers bellow, and I hope next year you will be able to join us with your jumper and donate to this amazing cause.


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